Coropata English Patch

"Coropata" (コロぱた) is a Japanese exclusive game for the Nintendo DS. Its gameplay consists of helping a little girl called Himawari get to the end of each level.

However, this game isn't a platformer as such, it can be described as a "Rube Goldberg" game, in that you place objects in any location you want and run a "simulation" where Himawari will continue to walk in a straight line; Where she ends up will be dependent on which items you've used and where!




Demon Network is currently working on translating and ROMhacking コロぱた so that it will be fully playable in English on the Nintendo DS. When finished, you will be able to download a patch from this site which you can apply to a legally obtained ROM of coropata, and play on a flash-card or emulator.

We will keep our twitter updated on the translation progress, so make sure to follow us @DemonNetworkJP to know when the patch is available for download!

We are, of course, aware that the steam remaster of coropata does feature an English script, but we wanted to provide the original experience on the DS, and we also think there are many improvements to be made to the steam version in terms of translation (although absolutely no offence whatsoever to the team that worked on that!)

(Coropata/コロぱた is copyright LukPlus Co., Ltd and Nintendo. Demon Network does not claim ownership or rights to any of the materials inside the game and will only be translating game text. Patches should only be applied to backup dumps of legally obtained physical copies of the Japanese game. Demon Network does not condone or accept responsibility for piracy.)

Keep your eyes peeled for updates!