Welcome to Demon Network!

Demon Network is a Japanese to English translation team that focuses on niche/relatively obscure Japanese exclusive game translations.
Demon Networkは、日本語のゲームを英語に翻訳するチームであります。よろしくお願いします。

We are currently based in the United Kingdom and are comprised of 5 key members!

Our team /チームを紹介しよう

Kendall - @KendallJP2
Hiya! I'm Kendall and I'm part of the ROMhacking and translating team. I have previous experience in translation on the "Racing lagoon" English patch for PSX!

おもりん - @EnumaErisshu
Hi I'm Hazy and I do Japanese translation. I have experience in translating manga but I'm happy to translate just about anything!

Rob - @Mistyhands
Japanese to English translator and ROMhacking master

Toni - @appo777yon
Hi, I'm Toni, I do art and I edit images

luctech - @luctech_in
Master of computers and the secret numbers they have hidden inside